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Why do I need a professional website for lawyers?

The practice of advocacy is changing very fast in its way of dealing with customers. The recommendation of former clients remains fundamental but more and more new generations make their decisions over the Internet. Only the firms that adapt to this new trend will be able to grow and increase their market share.

In websparaabogados.es we are specialize in lawyers websitesand we have designed an unbeatable offer so that all attorneys in exercise can have a very advanced and professional website that will be from now on your image Corporate network.


Per month + VAT and includes WEB + Logo + domain + Hosting

Professional and Specialized Web Design for Lawyers

Professional Design for lawyers

Our specialization, success guarantee

For more than fifteen years we have been dedicated exclusively to the design of corporate websites for individual and collective law firms.

Our hight specialization is maximumand we offer our lawyers clients a range of solutions that allow them to occupy a prominent position in the digital world.

Our commitment to quality and professionalism is maximum by offering and always focused on the legal sector, avoiding strident designs that are not recommended in this professional area.

Professional Web design for lawyers

We create your website with logo, texts, insert your photos or from our archive, on the .es domain of your choice … and all at an incredible price including maintenance and hosting.

Cheap website for lawyers

At websparaabogados.es we have more than twenty years dedicated to the design and positioning of websites for lawyers and our knowledge of the internet needs of lawyers is maximum. In addition, we are absolutely convinced that theIn our case, quality is not at odds with the final price of the design.. We have succeeded in developing the formula by which we create portales de inmejorable calidad técnica y gráfica para abogados y, a su vez, a un precio muy asequible: 29,99€ al mes mas IVA portals of the highest technical and graphical quality for lawyers and at a very affordable price: €29.99 per month plus VAT.

Don’t have time to dedicate to the creation of your website? Don’t know what the content should be? Does it worry you to see how your competitors win customers online and you don’t?

The Internet is today’s great marketplace of opportunities. Everything is bought and sold online, and buying a professional service from a lawyer is no exception. Anyone with a problem will think about talking to a lawyer and whether they don’t know a lawyer or have been told the name of one (the famous “word of mouth”) will use the internet to find out more about that professional…. ?Quiere seguir no existiendo para todo esa enorme cantidad de clientes that they can look for you and can’t find you?

At Websparaabogados.es we have a team of expert professionals specialised in lawyers at your disposal who will attend to you immediately, resolving all your doubts and making it easy for you to create your personalised lawyers’ website, remembering that your website is your professional image on the Internet. Put it in the right hands.

We know that the Internet is a very wide and varied market and that is why when it comes to the design of such an important element for your corporate image, you should trust in a company that can provide you with the best possible design. company specializing solely and exclusively in web design for lawyers.who knows their concerns, their short- and long-term needs, their technical language and their usual work subjects.


We will write the texts for your website at no additional cost.

Our writers are professionals who are very knowledgeable in legal language, in the different legal procedures, in the main areas of law, which allows us to offer you our content add-on service. Through this service we have been able to relieve most of our lawyers of the tedious task of drafting the contents of their portals. They give us the general ideas of subjects and professional interests and we draft the whole subject matter under their supervision and final approval.

Leave the creative process in our hands and, under your supervision, we will develop for you a professional lawyer website that will give you access to a critical mass of clients that you would not ordinarily be able to reach and help you diversify your customers.


Design requirements for a website for lawyers

Our experience determines that the creation of a portal for a lawyer must have specific design features that distinguish it from other types of projects. Thus,


The choice of the dominant colour

One of the issues that arises in the pre-design discussions is the issue of the predominant colour of the lawyers’ website. There are certainly no restrictions when it comes to choosing any of them, but we must avoid strident colours and antagonistic compositions of ranges that distract the visitor from the true purpose of their presence: find the right lawyer.

The content is fundamental and the graphic development must be the necessary accompaniment, but without drowning the content. Logically, the choice of this colour takes into accountthe chromatic range of the firm’s logoso that there is the necessary visual harmony as well as the necessary combination with the lawyer’s own tastes.

Finally, there must be a graphic and colour continuity in all the pages of the project, thus achieving a solidity in the project despite the different themes of each one of them. Colour thus becomes the common thread running through the entire portal.



Careful image selection

One of the key issues we place special emphasis on is the photographic support of our portals. All photos included are with publication rights, to which are added the own photos sent by the lawyer. The selection for each office is determined by its character and always within the lines of elegance and seriousness without renouncing to call the attention to the extremes that we consider essential by means of striking photographs.

Once the design is completed, it is submitted for the approval of the lawyer who will give his opinion on the selection. As this is a personalised web design for lawyers, there is nothing to prevent the substitution of one or more of the pre-selected photographs if they are not to the client’s liking.


Structure appropriate to the subject matter of lawyers

The very long experience in the creation ofprofessional portals for lawyers has made us a leading company in this sector, which we apply from the very beginning of the web. We define with the lawyer which are the main areasto be highlighted and, within them, which is the most important in the daily work of the firm. Based on this, we organise the scheme by designing individual pages for each zone, which will immediately result in a better and adequate SEO positioning once it is published, and all this in close coordination with the lawyer who ultimately has to mark his professional interests. At the same time, we will have carried out a study of your specific office needs, future projection, forecast of future incorporation of new components, etc. so that the design is compatible with this.


Content development

One of the most common cases we encounter when a lawyer proposes a redesign of an existing website is that of inadequate language in the presentation of content. At websparaabogados, we have developed a text design strategy that keeps a perfect balance between technical and less technical language so that it can be understood by the widest possible audience. The design of a website for lawyers cannot be the exposition of legal treatises, as this would make its content incomprehensible to its recipients, who are ultimately laymen in the knowledge of the law. On the other hand, an excessively “plain” language would create an image of a lack of professional rigour, which would undoubtedly not be beneficial for the overall result.

It is only through the experience accumulated over all these years that we can offer content writing with the necessary balance that will undoubtedly enhance the professional image of your office.


Appropriate structure for SEO

Our motto is always that in order to be useful, a website must be seen by as many visitors as possible. Based on this, we structure all content from the very beginning of the design so that it is properly indexed by all relevant search engines. Thus, each of the pages, which will correspond to a specific legal matter, will be directly focused on a target phrase that will have been agreed with the lawyer in order to appear in directory searches. Likewise, the content of that particular page will have a targeted approach to gain relevance in searches….. and all of this without having to pay anything extra, as you will have it for the very fact of ordering the design from us.


High performance hosting

One issue that is often not adequately addressed by design firms is the hosting of the lawyer’s website. By hosting we mean the technical support that will make our portal continuously available without service interruptions and in optimal conditions. The use of a poor quality hosting will result in longer response times and longer loading times of the website and therefore a worse positioning in search engines. At websparaabogados.es we use high performance hostings where the loading speed is spectacular as well as the security measures to avoid problems.

What does our design offer include?


Domain and Hosting


Professional design


Two payment methods for your project


Single Payment

Fractional Payment

499 € one-off payment*.
More VAT

What does it include?


Custom Web Design


Technical Maintenance


Logo creation if you do not have it


Implementation in Https://Secure protocol


Purchase of the .es domain of your choice.


There is no term of Permananencia


Hosting: 180 €/year plus VAT *

It is not includedin the price of the design and will accrue from the beginning of the construction of the portal and during all years of publication.

* Fractional payment in individual proposal is possible

Fractional Payment

29.99€ per month
More VAT

What does it include?


Custom Web Design


Technical Maintenance


Hosting: Included in the price


Logo creation if you do not have it


Implementation in Https://Secure protocol


Purchase of the .es domain of your choice.


There is no term of permanence

If you want to suspend the Web, you only have to pay the remaining price of the design. (Each year of the 360€ plus VAT payable, this corresponds to 180€ plus VAT for maintenance and 180€ plus VAT for design). So for example, if you wanted to suspend the service at the beginning of the 3rd year, you would only have to pay 139€ plus IVa as you would have previously paid 360€ in design fees in instalments over the previous two years.

What our customers say

“Con tan sólo 1 llamada de teléfono de 30 minutos aproximadamente y atendido por un gran profesional (Ibán) me han creado un página web con un contenido apropiado y sin necesidad de que me molesten para nada. Se han encargado de todo y han realizado un trabajo que he quedado encantado. Mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba. Empresa muy recomendable para el sector de la abogacía. Aprovecho para felicitarles por su trabajo.”

Daniel Andrade Jurado Abogado

“El trabajo realizado por esta empresa en poco tiempo ha sido magnífico. Han diseñado para mí un escaparate estupendo para la proyección de mi negocio, que supera con creces las expectativas que tenía creadas al respecto, habiendo hecho fácil lo que hasta hace unos meses era todo un mundo desconocido para mi.
Mención especial merece la gran dedicación y exquisito trato recibido por D. Iban Beltrán, ayudándome a resolver todas mis dudas, comunicando conmigo en numerosas ocasiones durante el proceso de diseño y puesta en marcha de la web y aportando valiosísimos consejos y sugerencias que han permitido culminar con éxito el proyecto. Muchas gracias por todo.”

Ángel González Nieto. Abogado

“Muy contento de haberlos encontrado por la calidad y el resultado final de mi página. Lo mejor es que se saben adaptar a lo que el cliente desea, facilitando y accediendo a ello, sin poner trabas o inconvenientes, sino todo lo contrario. Lo recomiendo 100%”

Javier Romeu. Abogado

“Un acierto haber contactado con este equipo de profesionales que, desde el primer momento, mostró una disposición magnífica y una paciencia infinita para trasladar las ideas que teníamos en el despacho al diseño de la página web. Quiero agradecer especialmente la labor de D. Ibán Beltrán que, con su buen hacer, facilitó enormemente la comunicación y el desarrollo del trabajo. Muchas gracias.”

Rafael Ceres Morell. Abogado

“Tanto la elaboración de la web como la atención recibida ha sido magnifica. Grandes profesionales en el trato como en el desarrollo de la web. En concreto D. Ivan Beltran una persona atenta y amable que ha hecho posible culminación del trabajo a mi entera satisfacción. Lo recomiendo, con mi máximo agradecimiento y respeto.”

Ana Prieto Hermoso. Abogado

“Absolutamente un acierto haber confiado en websparabogados para dar a conocer nuestro despacho. Desde el primer día nos transmitieron confianza, realizando una web de nuestro despacho totalmente personalizada. El resultado de la web ha superado nuestra expectativas. Sólo podemos dar las GRACIAS.”

Elena Carrillo Fernández. Abogado

“Equipo muy profesional. Adapta el diseño a las preferencias del cliente cuantas veces sean necesario. Muy recomendable.”

Jesús Quesada Bueno. Abogado


“He quedado encantada del diseño de la página web realizada por estos profesionales. Me han sido de gran ayuda para el desarrollo de mi despacho profesional”

Gema Ábalos Muñoz. Abogada


“Una de las mejores inversiones a nivel profesional, una herramienta importante y esencial en estos tiempos para dar visibilidad al despacho, proyectan tu imagen profesional , y tu entorno ajustándose a la idea que buscabas.Los diseñadores han acertado en la publicidad de la web.”

Ana Isabel Barrera. Abogada


“Me hicieron una página web con un diseño no sólo actual, sino técnicamente muy bueno. Permite el posicionamiento de la página en el buscador de Google y carga rápidamente. Cualquier duda sobre el diseño ha sido atendida con diligencia, y las mejoras que les he planteado han sido tratadas con atención, implementando las que mejoraban realmente la página. La atención personal, extraordinaria.”

Kaiss Nwelati Artillo. Abogado


“Hace años que confiamos el diseño y mantenimiento de la página web del despacho a Abogadosdegranada.com, y hemos de decir que su calidad y experiencia nos parece difícilmente superable. La atención personalizada y constante es de agradecer, intentando mantener buenos posicionamientos y sugerencias de mejoras en la configuración de la página a un precio muy razonable. Enhorabuena.”

Jaime Moisés Tejerizo Sáez. Abogado


“Sin ninguna duda recomiendo sus servicios, profesionalidad, rapidez, trato impecable una garantía. El diseño de la web para el despacho fabuloso, se han encargado de todo. Muchas gracias al equipo.”

Nuria Molina Cantador. Abogada


years of experience


Guaranteed professionalism

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